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First: Must go through recent literature.

oktober 21, 2011

I realized this morning, that I must go through recently published papers on mechanisms involved in heart failure and sudden cardiac death, before explaining how we believe that neuropeptide y ( NPY) is involved. Impressive data in an enormous literature, but I see an open place for NPY!


Pathophysiological role of neuropeptide Y revealed.

oktober 17, 2011

I will soon describe how results obtained by our group, and by some others, appear to explain the importance of the peripheral adrenergic cotransmitter neuropeptide Y for common disease conditions such as sudden cardiac death and aggravation of heart failure. – More on this soon. First I must go to renal dialysis.

It is a mercy to have flow at the age of 77.

oktober 16, 2011

It is a mercy to have flow at the age of 77.
The concept of flow is exciting. As far as I remember, it is invented by a Russian with complicated names that live in the U.S.. My daughter Bodil says it means to be 100% present in the moment. Flow occurs well when you have an intense commitment to a project, practical or theoretical. I deal with such a project right now. One must also have peace of mind. I am grateful to have it by being part of a wonderful relationship with my wife, my children and grandchildren. I am indeed happy that this Google translation of what I wrote in 2009 still is valid today  October 16 , 2011, although I am now 79.